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Perplexing and intriguing search engine terms that have brought people to my blog

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I like to try and imagine the author of each of these as they tippety-tap into their keyboard – what kind of room they’re in, what they’re wearing and their facial expression.

blade stabbing threw a heart

think I was a snake in past life

david icke wife

da id icke help me

genital reiki

genital glands acupressure

tony robbins kiss oprahs knee

wild women sex

luke skywalker electrocuted

snake oil for sex

people who like to intellectualised their experience

ts eliot spirituality david icke

theta healing is crap

eye tattoo’s above vagina

spoilers for ghost hunter 2012

touch me snake oil

what is really vague

eckhart tolle is it rubbish

women vaginas

david icke lyer

homeopathy buboes

picture Olympic in past

power chair and unicorn

why old men get jealous of a young rich man

joan of arc pictrues of kids

“by sex our hymn drops all the time

“maria cups” coffee maria psychic

head explosion

universe eyeball

can I use a tuning fork on my pineal gland

nlp snake oil crap

tantrisk sex

characteristics of a possum

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