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About New Age Guinea Pig

The journo as human guinea pig…

I once wrote a blog called Hey Man, Now You’re Really Living, in which I tried something new every day for a year.

While this included non-spiritual things like Wielding a Chainsaw, Shooting Glocks, Magnums and Rugers, and Blowing Shit Up, I was moved to include a fair few New Age activities, like Getting My Aura Read, Hugging Cows and Healing My Embittered Soul With Song.

I began to get suspicious as to just how many New Age activities were creeping on to my list. Was it solely for me to expose practitioners as frauds, flakes and charlatans, to feel the new age rage bubble up from my guts and then, as so often happened, torrent out of my traitorous tear glands? Or did my unconscious have deeper plans afoot – plans to sign me up and insist on being addressed as Bindi?

I reckon I’d better check.

NB: All names are changed and unfortch I can’t share practitioners’ details

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