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Daily Archives: December 21, 2011

Admittedly, I am not a fount of esoteric knowledge

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Some anonymous type left the comment “Another attempt to explain something you know nothing about” on a website that this blog is syndicated on.

To which I retort: “Exactly! You have hit the nail on the head there, sir/madam.”

The very joy of this mission is derived from making forays into the unknown* and jumping to my own conclusions, based on my own experience – the journo as human guinea pig.

(*Unknown to me, that is. Others may claim to know exactly how DNA healing, EFT tapping and the placebo effect work, even as they laugh in the face of inconclusive scientific evidence.)

Maybe I should slap upon the blog a loud disclaimer: The findings herein are wholly based upon opinion. But I reckon if we’re dealing with new age activity – an entirely ungoverned industry – that goes without saying.